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Modern technical and economic solutions

The never-ending cycle bringing change - the rhythm of life.

Alis Slovakia s.r.o. company is a part of that rhythm, an active participant in the intricate web of business negotiations and transactions. Knowing the rules, we offer a cooperation based on mutual trust and confidence

Chemical products

Chemical products are needed in different sectors of the economy and in households. In agriculture, for example. use substances for nutrition and plant protection, explosives in mining, fire-resistant materials in metals, metals and plastics in construction, building materials in construction, laundry and cleaning products in households.

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Wood material

Wood is one of the basic raw materials, which, while developing new technical materials, has a very broad application. Wood is a solid natural plant material, from trees and trusses. It is used both in industry and in everyday life.

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Metal packaging materials

Packaging is a means of protecting goods from mechanical, physico-chemical or biological damage that could occur during shipment from the manufacturer to the consumer, storage or sale. Properly selected packaging prevents external influences.

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