Trying to meet the demands of the consumer’s market the role of container and packaging becomes more and more communicative and informing. Metal packaging produced with full color lithography is one of the best ways to stimulate sales and respond all demands of modern market of metal packaging. Moreover the lithographic packaging can protect your production from forgery and guarantee its quality.

During the whole period of company establishment the special attention was paid to two options – technique and stuff. The warrantor of our business success could become only the quality of our production. Therefore we should have been more extensive while choosing equipment for manufacturing lines. That’s why our company management rejected the possibility of buying cheaper or used machinery but only new imported manufacturing lines.

Now the industrial sources of our enterprise are presented by 3 high-speed automatic lines for tin tare production and 2 lines for coating and lithography of tinplate.

The range of production manufactured by our company is quite wide and includes tin cans with volume from 0,250 to 2,8 liters and also conical pails with volume of 10, 15, 20 and 25 liters. Our packaging is used for different chemical production packing. We use only certified electrolytic tinplate of high quality from such producers as Arcelor Mittal and US Steel.

All our production responds the demands of European standards. Among them – welded side seam on cans and pails and seam protection lacquering on customers requirements. We have developed dies for cans’ lids and necks that make cans of high hermiticity and exclude appearing of “film” in contained ink. Also using latex densifier by “Darex” enables to raise the hermiticity level. Pails of conical shape, with 2 strengthening ribs are supplied with 2 types of lid – “crown lid” and “lever lock lid”. Also setting of plastic can fitting is possible for all kinds of tare. This allows prolonging the storage term in case the product is being used partially after first opening.

Also the fact that packaging production and work of stuff are provided with all necessary means of protection and are ecologically safe is worth mentioned.