Zinc white

Zinc white

Chemical formula: ZnO
CAS: 1314-13-2
EINECS: 215-222-5

Product description
Zinc Oxide is an amorphous white or yellowish powder, insoluble in water and alcohol but soluble in acid and alkali. Zinc oxide particles may be spherical, acicular or nodular depending on the manufacturing process. The particle shape is important for maximizing physical properties.

Application and use
Zinc oxide absorbs virtually all UV light radiation at wavelengths below 360 nm and provides binders outstanding protection.  Zinc oxide reacts with acidic components of coatings and forms zinc soaps.  Zinc soaps improve the flexibility and hardness of coatings. It is used as a pigment in compounding rubber, as a white pigment in the ceramics industry, as an opaque base in cosmetics, and it has other applications in the paper, the paints and the optical glass industries.

Packing and transport
The product is packed into paper valve bags, 25 kg each. Zinc oxide should be transported in covered means of transport, pursuant to the binding regulations, which protect the product against the action of water, precipitation, direct sunlight and damage to the packaging. The pigment is not classified as a dangerous substance, further to the UN Orange Book and international transportation codes, e.g. RID (rail transport), ADR (road transport) and IMDG (maritime transport).

Zinc oxide should be kept in original  undamaged packaging, in clean and dry storage buildings and protected against the influence of weather conditions (solar radiation, precipitation).